Fox Mountain Road is in pretty rough shape and efforts to address drainage, grading and runoff issues haven't born much fruit despite efforts by our community for the past 3 years. The road is barely passable at times, especially after a rain event and VDOT's grading / correction efforts only add to the runoff and sedimentation in our streams, erosion along our driveways and into our properties. I encourage anyone who has questions about these complaints to come and drive the road. In regards to paving increasing development I would encourage the board to look at the amount of properties in conservation easement and the properties that would prohibit development by their topography alone. Safety of passage, damage to vehicles, continual maintenance and stream / water way degradation should weigh on any decision about Fox Mountain Road. If nothing else it should be stabilized and drainage improved, or a stipend paid to landowners for cleaning up the sediment deposition, which is significant. Again, happy to give anyone a tour if they would like first hand knowledge. Thanks for considering.