And now the predecessor Boards of Supervisors allowed growth at Peter Jefferson office park with several office buildings plus the main hospital, now Sentara, plus a tremendous number of apartment buildings all down on north side at intersection of VA 20 and US 250, with another ridiculous growth allowance of a big WaWa gasoline service station where traffic will be wanting to turn in and out into an already jammed right downhill lane (and VDOT better put some preventive stakes against left-turners on eastbound uphill side). Meanwhile, just now VDOT has begun major re-construction of I-64 interchange 124 with US 250 at east end of all this confusion. So what do you think will happen on that road now? Albemarle Board of Supervisors really think ahead! And most of them not even live in this territory. Transportation in this entire area of Charlottesville is a joke. For a metropolitan area of only 100K people, this area has the worst road and rail system of anywhere in entire USA. And my wealthy friends on west side of town vetoed the long-planned "Western Bypass," which absence has affected traffic over here on east side of town tremendously. This area has no beltway around it, as other cities of this size would have had. Government should have thought about transportation before allowing all the people to come. Is same logic as not wearing masks in fighting Coronavirus. Is not logical at all.