Since the area under consideration is a median, which divides adjacent high-traffic lanes and goes directly through the Interstate 64 interchange, it seems very dangerous indeed. People driving this corridor are on their way somewhere and not looking out for pedestrians and bikers. It not like on campus where drivers are automatically watching out for pedestrians crossing the roads. People using the bike path could actually be a distraction to drivers and could be the cause of an accident. Many people going through this area are tourists from other places and would not expect to be looking for pedestrians and bikers in the middle of an interchange. They are looking for signage to tell them how to get to Monticello or PVCC. This is not a safe place for pedestrians or bikers.

Kent Schlussel over 1 year ago

Traffic, schools, poor design for entrance corridor, environmental concerns, apartments not needed according to local and federal studies. Vote no on the re-zoning ZMA 2019-00008 Parkway Place.