Meeting Time: June 02, 2021 at 2:30pm EDT
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Agenda Item

8.7. 21-305 Rivanna Greenway Project Study Update (Old Mills Trail Extension).

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    Bill Emory 5 months ago

    I applaud all efforts by the County to extend the Old Mills Trail to Milton! It is such an exciting prospect! Thanks for this wonderful work.

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    Bryan Rosensteel 5 months ago

    In summary, I am encouraged to hear the board is taking up the topic of the Old Mills Trail extension, and hope this topic gets the attention is deserves. I wanted to leave a comment on record to ensure people understand these types of trails and greenways can mean more to some than just a nice outdoor space.
    I am a disabled veteran who for the past 12 years has dealt with viral induced asthma; a complication from the previous global pandemic, H1N1 (or swine flu as it was more generally known). As someone who lives with a chronic lung condition, the events of the past year have been quite difficult. I count my blessings I live in a community where existing trail systems such as the RTF and others exist. These trails saved me, emotionally, this past year, and I use them to keep my lungs stronger in case I contract the current virus.
    We are better for having these trails, and I would hope the board would fast track every opportunity to expand and create more.
    Thank you for your time.