Meeting Time: March 15, 2021 at 3:00pm EDT

Agenda Item

During the time set aside for "From the Public: Matters Not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda or on Matters Previously Considered by the Board or Matters that are Pending Before the Board", individuals may address the Board of Supervisors concerning matters previously considered by the Board or matters that are pending before the Board. Please visit the Participation Guide for Public Meetings on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors webpage for instructions on how to join the virtual meeting. During Public Hearings, the Board will only acknowledge speakers addressing the item listed for Public Hearing. Speakers are limited to one appearance of three minutes per public hearing item. Applicants are limited to a ten-minute presentation of their proposal and are allowed a five-minute rebuttal at the close of the public hearing. Albemarle County residents may sign up online in advance of the meeting to speak during Public Hearings and "From the Public" at and clicking on eComment for the select meeting. To create an account, click on the sign-up link at the top right corner of the eComment webpage. Advanced sign-up will end two hours prior to the meeting. Residents who are unable to sign up in advance of the meeting may do so during the meeting through the webinar chat, provided there are remaining slots available. If you require assistance, please contact the clerk's office at or call 434-296-5843. Up to 10 persons may speak during each "From the Public" session. The 10 speakers are determined on a first-come, first-served basis, with those persons signing up to speak before the meeting having priority. Each speaker may speak for up to three minutes and at only one "From the Public" session at each meeting. The speaker may include a visual or audio presentation, provided that the presentation is received by the Clerk at least 48 hours before the "From the Public" session at which the speaker plans to speak. Time keeping is conducted by the Clerk. In order to give all speakers equal treatment and courtesy, the Board requests that speakers adhere to the following guidelines: